Winter travel tourism
Winter travel tourism in Ladakh

Winter tourism in Ladakh

Winter travel tourism in Ladakh  Tourism in Ladakh has grown phenomenally over the past decade. After the start of 500 visitors, mainly foreigners, in 1974 arrivals have exceeded 50,000. In recent years, there has also been a remarkable growth in domestic tourists, who now account for almost 40% of total arrivals. In the mid-1970s, when Ladakh was open to tourism, the number of domestic tourists never exceeded 2%. It was always a favorite destination for foreign tourists. However, the season had penetrated two months in July and August. This was due to the Festival of Hemis. This is the largest monastery in Leh, which has an annual festival that usually takes place in July or August. Most of the tourists visited Ladakh around this festival.


The State Department of Tourism introduced

the Ladakh Festival from September 1 to 15, 1993, with a view to extending the tourist season. Not only did the season extend into October, but the festival itself became a major event that continues unabated. About a decade ago, another event, the Indus Festival,  present in June. This became popular with domestic tourists and helped promote Ladakh within the country. It was a trigger for a greater national arrival. Despite both festivals extending the tourist season, the duration of notable tourist traffic remains limited to 100 odd days. This period is usually from mid-June to mid-September. Due to heavy snowfall on passengers, Ladakh’s current land connection with the outside world remains disturbed for six months.

Ladakh is not really ground but for political reasons

Two year-round access lines, Kargil-Skardu and Leh-Lahasa through Demchok, are currently close to all types of traffic. There has been talking of opening these links for quite some time, but one is not sure if they will ever be restored. Winter is the hardest season in Ladakh. The locals have a hard time. Temperatures sometimes plummet to minus 60 degrees Celsius. Ladakh can be called in some way the North Pole in India. In fact, the largest glacier outside the poles is in Ladakh. It is the famous Siachen Glacier that India and Pakistan have been fighting over for the past decades. There has recently been talk of turning it into a peace park through total demilitarization. For starters, the Indian army has started allowing tourists to visit the area. Winter here is a real punishment.

Even the firing mechanisms of Bofors pistols freeze up,

and they must turn on and off with no enemy in sight. Going to Siachen in winter would be like traveling to the North Pole, and the journey would be more difficult due to the altitude. Drass believe to be the second coldest (inhabited) place on Earth after Siberia. Winter is excruciatingly cold, bleak, and at times dramatic and challenging. Although the majority of the population is practically inactive, there are quite a few demons who enjoy skating and playing ice hockey in areas of freezing water. The Ladakhis have proven to be excellent ice hockey players and have beaten the Canadian official team on several occasions. The state tourism department had imported ice hockey equipment from France for a few million rupees a few years ago to properly equip local teams.

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Destinations: why event travel to Koh Samui

Travel destinations: why event travel to Koh Samui

Destinations: why event travel to Koh Samui  You’re probably looking for the best travel destinations in the world and maybe you are, for example. Look at islands. There are many travel destinations, but if you are going to an island for a change, consider the island of Ko Samui.

This island is located in Thailand with many natural resources to boast of. You can definitely enjoy the white sand beaches on the island, as well as the most prestigious coral reefs. You will certainly enjoy the tropical climate of this wonderful island.

The event island has placed a great emphasis on tourism,

which allowed the establishment of new resorts, bungalows and other businesses to operate throughout the island. Because of this, Ko Samui has now been considered one of the largest resort shops in Thailand; consider it the third instead. So this is a great event travel destination to spend some time and enjoy what nature brings for a while.

Now if you are looking for events that you can watch while spending your time on the island, you will find a number of events available for you to watch. Let’s say p. Eg If you are interested in sporting events, you can see their annual bowling championship that takes place in May each year and an annual tennis tournament that takes place in July. They also have festivals like the Fisherman’s Village festival and the Buffalo Fighting Festival.


Before deciding to go to the island,

you may be wondering if you will be able to find accommodation while spending your free time there. You will find many event hotels in Ko Samui nearby. so do not have to worry about accommodation because when your flight touches your destination, you will be guided by hospitable companions who can help you throughout your trip.

So why event travel to Ko Samui?

This island is a great destination that you should not miss. If you are looking for a place that can comfort you along with the overwhelming atmosphere that is very close to nature, this is a place to go whether you are alone or with your friends and family.

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tourist catalysts Travel agencies

Travel agencies – tourist catalysts

Tourist catalysts Travel agencies  A travel agency is a retail group that sells tickets,

accommodation, packages, and options to people who want to take a vacation or take a business trip on behalf of suppliers. Such providers can include airlines, car rentals, cruises, hotels, railways, and sightseeing tours. In addition to managing regular

travelers, most travel agencies also have a separate department dedicated to making

travel arrangements and arrangements for business travelers. You may also find that

some travel agencies are global with smaller offices in more than one country around

the world for better communication and to provide their clients with a first-class travel



When you start planning your trip,

you will find that there are different types of agencies. There are those that form a large national chain, generally owned by global conglomerates, such as Thomson

Getaways, now a subsidiary of TUI AG, the German multinational and the flight

center. These places generally offer tours at a much more discounted rate, as they can

get discounted rates for bulk travel purchases. Then there are the smaller private

agencies that deal more with what is most popular in their area and also provide

clients with better service in a service that is also more specific to their needs. For example, if you want to take a trip to a particular sporting event, it is probably wiser to contact your local agent, whereas if you want to take a trip to Europe or a cruise, the larger company would be more advantageous.

A travel agent is definitely

someone you should consult who can focus on making travel arrangements on your behalf. At events such as Travel Expeditions, they can also benefit the representatives

of the travel agency company and provide you with knowledge and information on travel tips and travel guides. Remember they have access to ticket wholesalers, so, please.

So whether you’re planning

to take a short-haul trip between the state or take an extended vacation to the other side of the world, one of the first things to do is consult an expert in the field. You need to keep your travel plans and options open and also make sure you haven’t missed anything. Travel agencies are not just people who organize your flights and

accommodation, they also go through a list of things you may need to prepare for

before visiting certain countries, such as visas, travel insurance, and local time and

cultural differences.

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Top 10 travel and tourism programs

Top 10 travel and tourism programs


Top 10 travel and tourism programs With a degree in travel and tourism, there are many different careers you can take. so Each travel and tourism course you take will help you achieve your goal of becoming a travel agent, hotel manager, cruise event director, travel planner, or other hospitality specialists. The following are considered the top 10 travel and tourism programs in colleges and universities in the United States:

Johnson and Wales University –

therefore You can complete one of the many four-year travel and tourism programs on campuses in Colorado, Florida, North Carolina, or Rhode Island.
University of Central Florida: Complete a Certificate, Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Hospitality Management and, while doing so, complete an internship at one of the many local theme parks, resorts or hotels.

The University

of Hawaii at Manoa – This island university offers a respected degree in travel and tourism across four majors. You will also be able to network and connect with leaders in the travel and hotel industry.
however, Brigham Young University, Hawaii – BYU’s Hawaii campus is ranked # 4 on the U.S. News list of comprehensive universities for undergraduate degrees and is the perfect place for internships and networking.

The University of New Hampshire – With a rich history, a prime East Coast location, a

the small student body, and high educational standards, you can begin your career right

out of college.

San Diego State University –

therefore This CSU campus with a first-year arrest rate of 81 percent is located in a popular

tourist destination in the United States with many hotels, resorts, travel agencies, and

cruise companies.

The University of Phoenix –

so This is one of the best online universities in the country with several degree options

including a Bachelor of Business / Hospitality.

so Penn Foster Career School – If you want to start working as a travel and tourism

specialist or hotel/restaurant manager, a career diploma from this school will put you

on the right track.

Walden University –

so This online university offers a Bachelor of Business Administration, a Master of

Leadership and General Management, and a Ph.D. in Mgmt, ideal for the travel and

tourism industry.
however American InterContinental University – With a Bachelor of Business Administration in

Operations Management or an MBA from this career-focused university, you are well

on your way to your dream job.

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Top 5 places in Italy for gay travelers

Top 5 places in Italy for gay travelers

Top 5 places in Italy for gay travelers Many gay travelers from all over the world

choose Italy. So as the best vacation destination with its rich culture and history and a

host of Italian landmarks tailored for representatives of the gay and lesbian



with its acceptance and tolerance of sexual minorities dating back centuries, plays a

so a huge role in establishing a number of popular gay-friendly hotels, bars, and hangouts.

Rome, Milan, Florence, and Venice have recently become unofficial hubs for gay

tourism with a myriad of fantastic entertainment options such as hotels, bars,

nightclubs, and many more events designed for gay audiences.
Below are the top 5 landmarks in Italy worth seeing for gay travelers.

Here you can relax

in a friendly atmosphere or perhaps make new friends. so Café Chopin in Bologna, Y.A.G.

in Florence, Argos and American Disaster in Milan are just a few of the gay hot spots

that will offer good entertainment in Italian flair.

2. Italian art brands.

however Homosexual relationships are openly described in the famous works of Italian artists

throughout history. places in Italy for gay travelers The most famous Italian artists

such as Caravaggio, Botticelli, Da Vinci and Michelangelo were homosexual in nature,

so their creations have a special aura of homosexuality embedded in their work. See

so one of the finest works of art at famous Italian landmarks like Michelangelo’s Statue of

so David in the Piazza Della Signoria in Florence to admire the grandeur of male

proportions created by a famous homosexual artist. Visit the caves of the Val Camonica

region and experience the first drawings of gay culture dating back more than 8,000 years.

Friendly Versilia

in Tuscany is a special event designed specifically for the interests of gay travelers to Italy. This area is in full bloom from April to September. Here you will find a wide

network of gay-friendly bars, restaurants, and nightclubs along with the spectacular

Torre del Lago Lagoon. so Come visit this region in August to attend the Friendly Versilia

Mardi Gras, an important cultural event that brings together many famous artists. Here you will also find gay-owned and operated hotels that are impeccably maintained to make your stay in Italy unforgettable.

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importance of a travel and tourism course

The importance of a travel and tourism course for the young generation

importance of a travel and tourism course Today’s generation of effervescent youth is more open, more informed, more adventurous, and more mobile than ever. Traveling as part of education is a long-established fact, and with that in mind, youth travel has become one of the fastest-growing and most dynamic markets in the global tourism sector.

However, the importance of this market outweighs the numbers. Countless young students are accredited or recognized by the UN as a major force for social change and development.

The academic conclusion

The previous point also applies to tourism, where young travelers are leading a vibrant

and positive change in the sector, fighting for environmental consolidation, and

investing in local or state tourism businesses. As such, affected youth travel and

tourism is one of the most promising pathways to a more sustainable and responsible

workforce. Education is the focal point of this sector, which emphasizes the need for a travel and tourism course. In an era of diverse and unprecedented challenges for the

travel industry, these courses represent not only a key market category but also an

important resource for change and innovation.


The future of travel is a youth

Being at the forefront of a new age and youth is also affecting the travel industry. They think outside the box, experiment with the new, and push all limits. The travel industry is undergoing major changes with traditional vertical distribution chains resulting in a more complex value network. It involves a wide range of multiple providers within the domain and beyond the travel sector. Here, a travel and tourism course help you understand the dynamics of the countryside.


travel no longer depends on the infrastructure of the old economy, such as hotel beds, travel agencies, and logistics. It is entering a new, flexible and network-based economy, where local culture and society, ICT, work, education, and play become fragments of the common thread of tourism. This is where courses become important.

Things to find

In such a course, you will learn the connection between tourism, travel and other economic sectors.
• Learn about integration that promotes the value network rather than the primitive value chain.

• The courses show you and teach you to be at the forefront of these innovations

because young minds are willing to cross all limits and create new bonds.

• The issue with the issue is that young people are the early adopters and regular users

of the latest technologies that help them pioneer the method of mobile media and

social networking sites regarding the purchase of products and travel information.

In one word

You will also learn how to advise a tourist on their product contract, transportation to

the destination, food delivery, accommodation, organizing a meeting or events, and

the case of travel and transportation companies and groups of website operators.

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Safe travel during the Christmas season

Safe travel during the Christmas season

Safe travel during the Christmas season This applies to both travel and tourism which has increased significantly since the beginning of the current century. But not everything is one hundred percent honkey dorey, as the face of travel has changed, perhaps forever.

Here are some guidelines

to follow when planning your trip, whether for business or pleasure. These tips save time and keep the system working properly.
If you plan to travel while carrying gifts (perhaps to give to a young niece or for a friend’s birthday), make sure it is not wrapped before boarding the plane. Otherwise, it may be significantly delayed as security personnel may be able to verify any wrapped items.

It goes without saying,

but don’t try to carry anything or hold onto anything that contains metal. Safe travel during the Christmas season

Following the same principles of wrapping the gift package, you will not delay boarding your plane by activating the metal detectors.
With the stresses of security and stresses in the world arena, these tips will definitely save you time and allow you to start life normal, or whatever sheen of normalcy is possible right now. Have the best fun you can!

Adventure travel for the uninitiated,

however, doesn’t always have to be this way; there are many levels of adventure travel. Motorsport tracks often have open days where you can be a passenger in a high-speed car walking down a track. This can be quite adventurous and exciting without the same level of fear.

Some of these ideas are one-day events, but you can choose an adventure that requires more than that. Whitewater rafting adventures can last up to a week. During this vacation, you and a group of professionals walk down a track. The days are often filled with hard work and adventure, but for those who love that kind of thing, this will be a piece of cake.


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Malaysia in best for event travels

Holidays and events in Malaysia in different states Malaysia

Malaysia in best for event travels  Holidays Malaysia as a country has 14 states. Each has a head of state, either a sultan or a governor in his place, whom the sultans later deposed in the 19th century. So when the constitution was drafted before

independence, a list of holidays establish and the birthdays of state sultans or

governors were also declaring state holidays. In addition to federal holidays added, we have more than 30 holidays in a year. Being a multiracial country, the most important

festivals of the different races are also recognized by the country. As we are a

financially blessed county, several holidays have been added to the newsletter’s

holiday calendar. We recently added two more days from Taipusam and Malaysia. Most months there is definitely a public or state holiday for the public to take a day off from work.


January 1 New Years Day.

In last night’s news, cities have big parties in every hotel in Malaysia. When guests reserve rooms for private parties, and hotels host New Years balls for paying guests. Tourism Malaysia also takes the opportunity to turn it into a tourism event. During this season, it is an excellent time for tourists to spend inexpensive vacations away from winters in Europe. Hotel rooms are fully book in advance, as guests are

affordably priced here.

January 20 Taipusam (an Indian religious event)

Approx. 1,000,000 people converge on the Batu Caves to pay tribute, thank or pray for the promises kept. Surprisingly, many people make promises that have been kept.

Then repentance is made. Many pierce spears and also pull carts with chains attached with hooks to the body. And nothing bad happens to the devotees who perform these acts of devotion. When they immerse themselves in their faith following a certain lifestyle before the event. It is an important tourist event as many come to witness this religious day.

From Jan 23 to Feb 1,

we have Le Tour de Langkawi Bike Race 2011 To promote the island of Langkawi, our visionary Prime Minister started this bike race. Today it is on the world bike calendar because many teams are participating in this course. The race takes place on trips of approximately 10 days through seven states.

February 1 City Day Kuala Lumpur was declared a city sometime after 1970 onwards.

The highlight of the event is usually a parade on the main street in front of Dataran Merdeka. During the day, many events are held for the public to interact and spend

the holiday. Travel to Malaysia during these events as the city decorates and very

colorful. Kuala Lumpur  transforms into a temporary fjord city.

Chinese New Year:

Usually the first week of February. Before today’s date, the city and the people are abuzz with activity in preparation for the change of the month. About forty percent of the Chinese population celebrates this lunar calendar. The celebration lasts for 15 days when it ends with a ritual in which single woman looking for a man throws oranges into a river. Tourism Malaysia organizes tourists to experience this event by holding a big party in a major city.

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uninitiated Adventure travel

Adventure travel for the uninitiated

uninitiated Adventure travel  If you are looking for an adventurous vacation but don’t know what you can handle, don’t worry. There are many routes you can take before you cut everything off. Having an adventure vacation can be fun. You are going to do things that you have never done before and feel a sense of accomplishment. Fear may deter you and make you reconsider, but don’t quit.


First of all,

it is best to think honestly about what you can and cannot handle. If you are afraid of heights, it is not the best idea to book a mountaineering vacation. However, there are many places that have indoor climbing centers with different degrees of difficulty and heights so that you can start there and climb.

Adventure travel for the uninitiated,

however, doesn’t always have to be this way; there are many levels of adventure travel. Motorsport tracks often have open days where you can be a passenger in a high-speed car walking down a track. This can be quite adventurous and exciting without the same level of fear.

Some of these ideas are one-day events, but you can choose an adventure that requires more than that. Whitewater rafting adventures can last up to a week. During this vacation, you and a group of professionals walk down a track. The days are often filled with hard work and adventure, but for those who love that kind of thing, this will be a piece of cake.

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Solo Travelers for Recommended Destinations

Travel to the Philippines: Recommended Destinations for Solo Travelers

Solo Travelers for Recommended Destinations Traveling for most people is a social activity. We travel with family and friends. We travel with office colleagues or even acquaintances with whom we have the same interests. However, there are times when no one in our circle shares our thirst for travel. In such cases, we may travel alone or not travel at all. For true travel bugs, the other is not an option at all.

Many people travel alone for this reason. Instead of keeping strangers company in travel groups, for example, solo travelers prefer to do it alone, they love the freedom to make decisions and change them, go somewhere and travel early or arrive late, and especially to meet and chat with. people. who you normally wouldn’t talk to if you weren’t alone.


The Philippines is friendly for solo travelers

The Philippines is one of those places that is welcoming and generally hospitable to solo travelers. There are many destinations in the country that promote solo travel, maximizing the traveler’s experience of a different culture. The locals are generally friendly to foreigners and there are many natural and man-made attractions that are generally not visited by tourists.

Below are some of the ideal solo destinations from all of the main Philippine islands, from Luzon to the Visayas and even Mindanao.

Visit ancient churches

and eat local delicacies in Ilocos Norte and Ilocos Sur
These two provinces are located in northern Luzon and are flowed by travelers seeking captivating ocean views, ancient churches, world heritage sites, and glorious natural attractions. It’s offering of delicious vegetable dishes like pinakbet, local delicacies like bagnet, and the famous Vigan empanada has also made it a favorite destination for foodies.


on the schedule of each, these two provinces can be combined in a single trip, since they are only 2.5 hours away by public transport. The fastest way is to take a flight from Manila to Laoag. From there, the 45-meter descending bell tower is easily accessible. Also nearby is St. Maarten / St. William Church built in Spanish times, one of the largest churches in the Philippines.

so Vigan, the capital of Ilocos Sur, can be easily reached from Laoag. so It is known for Calle Crisologo (Calle Crisologo), declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Calle Crisologo is a street half a kilometer long with houses that display architecture from the time of Spanish colonization. Numerous souvenir shops full of local crafts are also found in the area. For a more enjoyable experience, walk down the street or rent a buggy, a horse-drawn carriage, to ride around town.

Walk the longest bridge in the Philippines in Leyte

however Leyte, in the eastern Visayas, boasts historical sites, man-made structures, and natural resources that are sure to interest the solo traveler. so The locals are used to seeing backpackers in their province, and if you pass by, be prepared to be asked all kinds of questions.
however, One option to cover more ground is to participate in a group trip organized by the government called Icot Icot (Going Around). Your itinerary includes a stopover in the provincial capital, Leyte Park Hotel, Madonna Shrine, Sto. Nino Church and Shrine, MacArthur Memorial Shrine, and downtown.


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